Welcome to our new General Manager, Megan Blackwell

Megan is a second generation New Zealand Chinese. After studying a Bachelor of Communication Studies with an extended major in Digital Media, she went on to work for television production companies as a motion graphics artist. She then side-stepped into working at the head office of a large international hospitality company, handling both national and international administrations and coordination across NZ, Fiji, Australia, Singapore and France.

Her skillset naturally transitioned her into starting her own photography business which she has run for the last 10 years, while also being the subject of and consulting on a number of television productions.  

Megan is passionate about Asian representation in both pre and post production roles in NZ’s film and tv industry.


Milk Toffee by Pulkit Arora is now available to watch

Milk Toffee by Pulkit Arora is now available to watch

Posted Monday 23 May 2022

After its premiere at the prestigious Tribeca International Film Festival in 2021, Milk Toffee, written and directed by Pulkit Arora is now available to watch online.

Bound by Christ to tell the truth, a Goan schoolteacher is about to report an erring child. But a revelation forces her to choose between the moral and the human.


Pulkit Arora is a filmmaker based in India and New Zealand. During his screenwriting career, he has created episodic series and led writing rooms for Disney+ and Netflix India. Milk Toffee is his directorial debut.

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