The Slow Magic of Kāinga - review from the Pantograph Punch

By TULIA THOMPSON writing for the Pantograph Punch.

Kāinga works slow magic. It tells eight stories by eight Pan-Asian filmmakers, of the lives of eight Asian women. Each filmed in a single-shot, the shorts in the anthology span over 50 years, connected by the same location – a house – to explore themes of loss, belonging and home...

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Updates to the Screen Industry Workers Bill

Updates to the Screen Industry Workers Bill

Posted Friday 05 Aug 2022

The Screen Industry Workers Bill (SIWB or The Bill) is an attempt to remedy the current Employment Relations Amendment Act 2010 aka The Hobbit Law. The 2010 amendment created an environment where screen production workers do not have the same abilities to have enforceable minimums, test their employment status, collectively bargain, or adequately remedy contracting disputes, as workers in other industries do. 

SIWB is designed to restore the right of screen workers to collectively bargain, and to establish enforceable contracts with mandatory terms.

Track the progress of bill here or read NZWG's comprehensive breakdown and impliciations of the bill.