Sanjana Khusal and Mayen Mehta selected for South Shorts 2022

We're stoked for Sanjana Khusal and Mayen Mehta who have been selected as participants for Script to Screen's South Shorts mentorship programme supporting new and emerging screenwriters from the South Auckland community to develop their short film scripts.

Sanjana says, "being new to filmmaking, I am incredibly grateful to have been welcomed with open arms. I’m very excited to explore my cultural identity as a New Zealand born Indian and bring this to my scriptwriting. Growing up in Pukekohe, I was lost and confused as a girl of colour surrounded by western culture. I know so many people who share similar experiences of cultural dysphoria. This programme is an open space, among like-minded creatives, that I hope to create scripts that resonate with Pan-Asian viewers."

Mayen, a South African born Kiwi-Indian writer, says "I am interested in exploring cross-cultural collision in my work. My short film for the South Shorts programme was an idea that was initially conceived during the PASC Short Cuts lab early last year. I thoroughly enjoy creative development and my goal from this programme is to be concise and elegant with my writing, dig deeper with story, establish strong character arcs with high stakes, and polish my s


ScreenSafe - Omicron Phase 3 Update

ScreenSafe - Omicron Phase 3 Update

Posted Monday 07 Mar 2022

New Zealand has now entered Phase 3 of the Omicron outbreak. We now have thousands of new daily cases and this is expected to increase over the next month or so. The intention of Phase 3 is to ease the pressure on Government testing and contact tracing. The focus will be on protecting the vulnerable while ensuring the health system and key supply chains remain operational and that our economy keeps moving.

The key changes are:

Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) will become the primary form of testing
You will no longer require a PCR test to confirm your COVID-19 RAT diagnosis. RATs will now be available from GPs, participating pharmacies and community collection sites (, and they are now freely available to buy online.

Only confirmed cases and their household contacts are required to isolate
People who test positive for COVID-19 and those in their households need to isolate for 10 days, but can now self-release after day 10, provided any testing and symptoms requirements are met. Household contacts must test on days 3 and 10. If you are told you are a close contact, you do not need to isolate, but should monitor for any symptoms. Please get a test if symptoms develop.

The relaxation of close contact rules are a huge and important change for our industry as it means you do not need to shut down a whole production if any cast or crew test positive.

A new self-investigation tool will be launched, with contact tracing teams to focus on high-risk exposure events and locations
Positive cases will need to do their own work in regards to contact tracing. A self-investigation tool is in the works, but is not live as of today.

Vaccinated Kiwis arriving from Australia and the rest of the world will no longer need to self-isolate
From 11:59pm on Wednesday 2 March 2022, fully vaccinated New Zealanders arriving from Australia will no longer need to self-isolate.
From 11.59pm on Friday 4th March this will be extended to include fully vaccinated New Zealand travellers from the rest of the world.

With changes happening daily ScreenSafe will cover off the major changes as they come to hand but recommends all productions to keep informed. For regular updates please check: