PASC aims to:

  • Foster career pathways for emerging and established Pan-Asian talent through training, coaching, networking, accessing funding, building confidence and celebrating difference
  • Facilitate paid work opportunities for Pan-Asian talent in the screen industries including in front of and behind cameras, in key creative roles, telling stories.
  • Reflect contemporary Aotearoa by improving Pan-Asian representation on and behind screens
  • Resist a monolithic or stereotyped definition of Asianness or Asian stories
  • Ensure that Pan-Asian screen practitioners get to define Asianess or Asian stories.


Activities that PASC has undertaken have included:

  • Talent development training through workshops with senior practitioners;
  • organisation and facilitation of RFP feedback sessions between telefeature applicants and commissioners, platforms and funders;
  • provided a mentorship programme for web-series development, culminating in a pitch presentation to platform commissioners and funding representatives;
  • mobilised applications for and helped to develop children’s series content - leading to a 10-episode animated series now entering its second season;
  • provided guidance to develop short film applications resulting in a record number of Pan-Asian applications and funded films. PASC has advocated for and received funding opportunities from NZ On Air for content and development, including the Factual RFP for Pan-Asian Creatives in 2021 and the development and production initiative, Episode One: Webseries and Pilot Programme.